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YOUring is a wireless, intelligent, programmable device.

The revolutionary device, created and distributed by Alumotion, that integrates robots Universal Robots and increases the rate of interaction between man and machine.


Thanks to YOUring now your robot could be equipped by an intelligent and programmable device.

With LED technology and a powerful sound emitter, it warn the user about the oncoming arrival of the robot arm.

Certified by Universal Robots

YOUring is tested and approved to perfectly integrate with UR robots, to ensure simple setup, reliable operation, smooth user experience and easy programming.

Certified by Universal Robots means providing you with cutting-edge products to customize a UR robot application that perfectly meets your requirements. The result is fast, smooth and low-risk integration.

YOUteach: the new feature that makes the YOUring even smarter

With the new YOUteach feature you can save the points in freedrive mode without the teach pendant!

With this feature, developed by Alumotion and implemented in the last YOUring software release, you can record the points of the robot on the fly, for a quicker teaching activity.

How to use YOUteach function:

  1. Install the 1.1.1 version of URcap
  2. From the URcaps tab in Polyscope insert the instruction YOUteach
  3. Go to the command tab
  1. Select YOUteach instruction
  2. Move the robot in freedrive mode with the black button
  3. Save the points on the fly, with the blue button

If the points 3. and 4. are followed correctly, every time a point is saved with the YOUteach feature a green flash and a beep sound will be emitted from the YOUring

Totally Wireless

Easy to be mounted on the robot tool flange

TS15066 Compliant

Perfectly compliant with current legislation

Rotating Led effect

Lights rotates 360 degrees

Flashing light

With different intervals and modes

Change colour

Setting and changing colors

Rainbow lights

All available colors range

Freedrive button

Dedicated to the function

Programmable button

To set up your scripts

YOUteach button

To save points on the fly

Programmable buzzers

Adjustable intensity and tone

Polyscope integration

Granted by our URCaps Plugin

Patent pending

As guarantee of quality

Touch me, I light you!

YOUring integrates robots Universal Robots and increases the rate of interaction between man and machine

  • Wireless device

  • TS15066 compliant

  • Rotating Led effect

  • Flashing light

  • Change colour

  • Rainbow lights

  • Freedrive button

  • YOUteach button
  • Programmable button

  • Tone and pitch programmable buzzer

  • Polyscope integration

  • Certified by Universal Robots

The most powerful tool for your robot.

YOUring is a wireless device and therefore easy to be mounted on the robot tool flange. The device is equipped with two buttons to enable the freedrive mode and to execute specifics script function, for example to activate a digital output or to give the robot a manual input in order preceed a paused job.

YOUring technolgy allows to activate specials lights and sounds effects depending on the robot status mode (safety stop, warning etc.)

The fully integration in Polyscope is granted by our URCaps Plugin permitting you to insert YOUring specific nodes which will define the type of light/sound effect you need to start during the program execution.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 82 mm
Height 42-46 mm
Weight 300 g
Peak current request 400 mA
[buzzer 100 mA]
[all white led on 300 mA]

Easy to use in Polyscope thanks to our URCaps Plugin!

YOUring Brochure

What’s in the box

YOUring is a tool for enhancing the efficacy and collaboration between the user and the robot, ensures safety and free of movement.

The robot with the YOUring can show the direction of the movement, by tracing the positions with the led.
The user can benefit of a new freedrive button, directly on the tool flange of the robot and setup specific colors in order to trace specific behaviors, during the execution of a program, or also to signal a particular safety mode of the robot.

New Polyscope commands are available to the user: YOUring instruction to setup lights and buzzer and Wait YOUring button instruction to wait when the user presses one or more of the YOUring buttons.


All you need to get started with the product

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Tutorials and Videoguides

Physical Mounting
Watch the video!

Activation Procedure
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Freedrive/Custom Buttons
(video coming soon)

Safety states
(video coming soon)

Light & Buzzer
(video coming soon)


Applications, Case studies, Press news: all about YOUring


Discover the new feature to save the points in freedrive mode without the teach pendant!

Watch video


YOUring is used to pick an object from a placement and make a reposition of it for an assembly

Watch video

@Motek Fair

YOUring has been introduced from Universal Robots, during the Motek 2017 fair, in Germany

Watch video

A creative use!

YOUring has been choosen by Asics for the inauguration of its biggest flagstore in London

Watch video

YOUring, enhance your robot!

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